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Aluminum Bronze alloys belong to a group of copper-based alloys that incorporate iron and nickel in their composition, with aluminum serving as the main alloying component. The inclusion of aluminum notably enhances the strength, comparable to that of medium carbon steel. Moreover, aluminum bronze offers outstanding corrosion resistance properties. This combination of strength and corrosion resistance led to the initial utilization of aluminum bronze.

The alloy of copper and aluminum is known for its single alpha phase with ductility and corrosion resistance. A higher aluminum content leads to the emergence of a beta phase. Aluminum Bronzes are versatile, offering strength, hardness, wear resistance, and more. Their properties, including resistance to oxidation and ease of weldability, expand their application possibilities.


Pahwa Metaltech have advanced into producing non-ferrous alloys, notably the development of Copper Titanium alloys. We have expanded our expertise to include a full range of aluminum bronze alloys and continue to innovate premium products for critical applications. Their high-quality, durable metal range is renowned worldwide for its versatility.


Aluminum bronze alloys offer a diverse range of compositions, providing a wide array of properties to meet various requirements. The selection of alloys requires careful consideration due to the vast range of available properties. Simply put, aluminum bronzes are used where other materials might fail prematurely or would be more expensive to buy or fabricate.


Excellent strength, similar to that of low alloy steels.

Excellent corrosion resistance, especially in seawater and similar environments, where the alloys often outperform many stainless steels.

High-Temperature Fatigue Resistance, favorable for high-temperature applications, for short or long-term usage, ensuring a long service life.


Good resistance to creep, making the alloys useful at elevated temperatures.


Oxidation resistance, for exposure at elevated temperatures and in oxidizing environments.


Good weldability, making fabrication economical Readily machined, when compared with other high-duty alloys.


Low magnetic susceptibility, useful for many special applications.

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Common Aluminum Bronze Alloys And Some Typical Applications

In the Aluminum Bronze family, there are two primary groups – Aluminum Bronze and Nickel Aluminum Bronze. Aluminum Bronze typically consists of around 9-14% aluminum and 4% iron, whereas Nickel Aluminum Bronze includes approximately 9-11% aluminum, 4% iron, and 5% nickel. The inclusion of nickel in the latter enhances the material's corrosion resistance, complementing its existing strength in this aspect.

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Aluminium Bronze C95200 is a material known for its high ductility and excellent corrosion resistance. It is perfect for applications such as bushings, bearings, light-duty gears, wear plates, low-pressure piping, pump columns, and containers. Know More

Aluminium Bronze C95400 provides impressive yield and tensile strength, remarkable toughness, and outstanding resistance to wear, fatigue, and deformation. This versatile alloy is commonly utilized in chemical, marine, aircraft, and machine tool applications including gears, bushings, bearings, pumps, and valves. Know More


Nickel Aluminium Bronze C95500, known for its toughness among non-ferrous alloys, caters to industries similar to C95400 but offers increased strength, hardness, and corrosion resistance, albeit with slightly lower impact toughness. This special Nickel Aluminum Bronze stands out for its unique properties. Know More

Nickel Aluminum Bronze C95800 is highly recommended for marine use due to its exceptional resistance to corrosion in seawater. This versatile material is ideal for various marine applications such as propeller system components, bushings, bearings, piping (including desalination), and other corrosive marine environments. Know More


Aluminum Bronze C95900 offers increased hardness and compressive strength, making it ideal for applications such as wear plates, forming rolls, draw dies, gears, valve guides, seats, and die inserts. Know More

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