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Investment Castings Aluminium alloys


Precision Aluminium Lost Wax Castings

Manufacturer of Aluminium alloy Investment Castings 

Pahwa MetalTech specializes in producing Aluminum Investment Castings across a wide variety of Aluminum alloys. Our expertise lies in crafting intricately designed components with thin walls and complex geometries.

Using advanced manufacturing techniques, we can create parts ranging from as light as 15 grams to as heavy as 20 kilograms for a single component. In addition to producing high-volume aluminum components through the lost wax process, we also assist customers by manufacturing prototype castings before they invest in costly HPDC, LPDC, or GDC tooling.

Do you need Aluminum Investment Castings?

Aluminium Lost Wax Castings for Prototypes

Our manufacturing process is tailored to produce low volume components for various prototype stages such as fitment, performance, and testing trials before customers commit to costly HPDC, LPDC, or GDC tooling. Additionally, this method provides an edge over machining solid aluminum blocks since the part closely resembles the final component due to the casting process.

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Rapid Prototype Castings Aluminium
Investment Casting Aluminium

Complex Aluminium Casting Components 

Pahwa MetalTech has introduced a new and inventive manufacturing method that involves producing aluminum castings through the investment casting process. These castings are designed using generative techniques for quick prototyping or 3D metal printing process. Our technology allows us to cast these intricate parts in variety of aluminum alloys. We aim to provide customers with higher quality and lower costs compared to traditional metal 3D printing methods.

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