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Lost Wax Casting of Bronze and Brasses in India

Manufacturer of Brass, Bronze Investment Castings 

Pahwa MetalTech specializes in crafting Non-Ferrous Investment Castings in a diverse range of Copper alloys. Our proficiency lies in creating components through the Lost Wax casting method with materials such as Brasses, Nickel Aluminum Bronzes (NAB), Tin Bronzes, Copper-Nickel Alloys, Manganese Bronze Casting, Silicon pure copper, and various copper alloys.

Through cutting-edge manufacturing technology, we ensure top-notch precision castings by utilizing a blend of air and under vacuum casting machines. Our commitment to excellence is showcased in our support for customers throughout the entire development process, from manufacturing a single casting to large-scale production.

Have a requirement for Brass or Bronze Investment Castings? 

Explore Copper Alloys for Lost Wax Castings

Having the right copper alloy can make all the difference. With over 100+ copper alloys to choose from our manufacturing capabilities, the possibilities are endless. Whether you are looking for high conductivity, corrosion resistance, or excellent machinability, there is a copper alloy that suits your needs perfectly.

Check out our range of copper alloys.

Aluminium Bronze Precision Castings

Pahwa MetalTech is a well-known manufacturer in the industry, particularly recognized for producing top-notch Aluminum Bronze Investment Castings. Our selection includes a variety of Nickel Aluminum Bronze alloys such as AB1, AB2, ALBC1, ALBC2, and ALBC, along with the commonly utilized aluminum bronze alloys from UNS C95200 to C959000.

These precise castings find wide applications in environments that are exposed to saltwater, corrosive liquids, acids, industrial fluids, and high-wear conditions, commonly seen in sectors like chemical, petrochemical, oil and gas, heavy machinery, marine, and water treatment industries. Notably, they are non-sparking and suitable for usage in potentially hazardous or inflammable environments. Our expertise lies in crafting Precision Casting Aluminum Bronze components, with weights ranging from 5 grams to 80 kgs per casting.

Bronze Investment Castings
Brass Lost Wax Castings

Brass Metal Lost Wax Castings

Our specialization lies in manufacturing a wide range of Brass Investment Castings using high-quality raw materials and advanced technology. We excel in precision crafting custom brass investment castings tailored to meet the specific requirements of various industries. With extensive experience in creating unique brass components, we take great pride in delivering custom solutions that perfectly match your project needs.

The most commonly used brass castings are brass alloys, also referred to as "red-brass" or "yellow-brass" alloys, widely utilized in plumbing and door hardware for their superior finishing and polishing characteristics. Moreover, to comply with regulations in certain countries restricting lead content in brass, we offer a range of lead-free environmentally friendly brass options for industrial and commercial applications.

Tin Bronzes Investment Castings

Pahwa MetalTech provides a complete range of Tin Bronze precision investment castings suitable for various industries, from musical instrument parts to railway components. Comprising 10-12% tin as the primary alloying element, these castings are robust, durable, and highly ductile. These properties grant them a high load-bearing capacity, excellent wear resistance, and the ability to endure impacts. These alloys are recognized for their resistance to corrosion in seawater and brines.

Tin Bronze Investment Castings
Copper Nickel alloys Castings (Cupro Nickel)

Copper-Nickel Castings

We have expertise in producing Lost-Wax castings using Copper-nickel alloys, also known as cupronickel. These alloys are popular for marine applications because of their strong resistance to seawater corrosion and low macrofouling rates. The 90-10 copper-nickel alloy (C70600, CW352H), comprising 90% copper and 10% nickel, is the most commonly utilized. It is prevalent in naval and commercial shipping, offshore oil and gas production, desalination, and power generation.


Our successful manufacturing includes Copper Nickel Hammer Unions and Breaching Adaptors for our clients.

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