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Pahwa MetalTech is an Investment Casting manufacturing facility equipped with advanced air and vacuum melting furnaces  to manufacture high quality castings in Copper alloys (e.g. Bronzes, Brass, OFC Copper etc), Aluminum alloys ( LM alloys) and Stainless Steels ( e.g SS 304, SS 316, 17-4PH etc.). Our manufacturing technology is well suited to manufacture high-integrity, low volume castings for prototypes and product development

Prototype Investment Castings


PLA and SLA 3D Printed Patterns

We adopt the most advanced manufacturing technologies and simulation techniques to make prototypes via Investment casting (or lost wax) in Aluminium, Copper, and stainless steel-based alloys with ZERO tooling costs. By using 3D printed patterns in materials like PLA and special castable resins and adopting processes like FDM and Stereolithography (SLA) we achieve high-quality consumable patterns without investment in hard tooling.​ Our flexible manufacturing setup can produce single-piece casting to a few hundred components quickly for prototyping needs.


When developing a new component, it often takes a couple of trials to reach the most optimized design of your product. Now fast-track your product development process with our innovative and flexible lost wax manufacturing process, whether you want to produce multiple design options together or iterate one after another, you can get quick prototype parts for development & prototype trials. This process is not limited to castings, but also develop prototypes for assemblies and forging components.

Product Development Lost Wax Method


Functional Castings

Prototype parts are sometimes manufactured in alternative materials and polymers for dimensional and fitment trials. However, these parts cannot be used to test the performance and product quality. Now take your prototype and product testing to the next level with our Investment Castings (or lost wax casting) technology. These high-quality castings can be used for functional and performance testing of your products, thereby significantly reducing product development cost and time.


Evaluating 3D Metal Printing as an option for your prototype needs? Our Investment Casting technology can manufacture very high-quality castings with the ability to produce complex geometries and thin-walled castings at a much lower cost as compared to Metal 3D Printing. This cost equation becomes even more economical in the favor of investment casting when you have to manufacture in multiple quantities.

3D Metal Printing


Generative Design Investment Castings

Generative Design is increasingly being used by companies to optimise the weight-to-strength ratio of engineering parts. Often designs have to be compromised considering the constraints of the conventional manufacturing process or use a more expensive 3D metal printing processWith our Vacuum Investment Casting technology, we can cast generative design parts which reduces material & machining cost and improve product performance. This technology also helps companies aid sustainability and environmental goals of using less material and energy. 


We are just not an another Investment Casting foundry. Equipped with an in-house design with our advanced manufacturing technology and process control we can manufacture high integrity castings for your prototype and production needs. 

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Know more about our Investment Casting manufacturing technology, materials, and engineering capability.

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