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Tube forming is a metal forming process of shaping a flat piece of sheet metal into a closed tube. This process is done by a series of Forming Rolls which are precisely machined to bend the metal strip at each stage till it reaches its final form/shape. Then the formed pipe is guided from a series of welding rolls between which the welding of the pipe takes place. 

Forming & Welding rolls should have good sliding properties and a low coefficient of friction.  Aluminum bronze alloy - QA520H and QA900 are excellent materials for Tube Forming rolls as they exhibit excellent sliding properties coupled with good hardness and load-bearing properties. 



QA520H: Aluminum Bronze QA520H is a high-strength alloy with excellent wear resistance suited for thicker wall-thickness tubes and pipes. 

QA500H: Aluminum Bronze QA500H are suitable for Wiper Dies as they exhibit good wear resistance and anti-galling properties 

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