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QTi® Plasma Transferred Arc Nozzles

Copper Titanium QTi® PTAW Nozzles last much longer as compared to other Copper Alloys. It reduces downtime, increases productivity and enables superior product quality.


QTi® Copper Titanium Plasma Transferred Arc Welding (PTAW) Nozzles

Introducing high-performance PTAW Nozzle made from a very innovative high-technology alloy – Copper Titanium QTi®. These nozzles give longer life and much higher productivity as compared to conventionally used Copper Nozzles and therefore prove more economical over the product lifecycle than ordinary Copper Nozzles.

Copper Titanium QTi® alloy offers a perfect blend of mechanical properties and thermal properties making it a preferred material for PTAW Nozzles. Copper Titanium has high thermal conductivity and mechanical properties at elevated temperatures, and this is the best performing Copper Alloy available.

QTi-PTAW Nozzles

Key Features

Beryllium Free

Beryllium Free

Copper Titanium material is made from high-quality Copper & Titanium and is 100% free from Beryllium

High Hardness

High Hardness

Copper Titanium Nozzle Tips have manufactured have a hardness ranging from 260 to 320 BHN


Good Conductivity

Copper Titanium material exhibits good thermal & electrical conductivity, which make it an ideal material for welding & thermal deposition application.


Good Strength

Copper Titanium tools have good strength and durability of tools. All Copper Titanium tools are torque tested.

Temperature Performance

Temperature Performance

Copper Titanium has highest annealing /softening among all copper alloy used in welding application. It can sustain temperature up to 425 °C without losing its Mechanical properties.


Environment Friendly

Copper Titanium is safe and environmentally friendly metal.

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