QTi® Copper Titanium Plunger Tips 

Copper Titanium Plunger Tips are high-performance tips that give exceptionally long life because of its optimum combination of Thermal Conductivity and High Wear Resistance properties, thereby delivering the lowest cost per shot performance than any other conventional tips available in the market.

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Copper Titanium Plunger Tips

QTi-Plunger Tips

Copper Titanium alloy has an excellent combination of high wear resistance and thermal conductivity which significantly increases the life of plunger, making it an ideal for High Pressure Die Casting (HPDC) Plunger Tips.

Copper Titanium Plunger tips (sometimes referred as Pistons) are made from 100% Beryllium free alloy making it the safest and most environmentally friendly alloy for Die Casting applications, which allows you to easily machine down the used plunger to next smaller diameter without any risk of exposure to fatal Beryllium diseases.

Copper Titanium Plunger Tips has given life up 40,000* shots in a single use, thereby making it the lowest cost per shot plunger.

Why Copper Titanium Plunger Tips?

QTi-High Life of Plungers

High Life of Plungers

Consistent Product Quality

Consistent Product Quality

Reduce Casting Rejections

Reduce Casting Rejections

Improve Shot Sleeve life

Improve Shot Sleeve Life

Increase Productivity

Increase Productivity

Environmentally Safe

Environmentally Safe

Copper Titanium Plunger Tips gives 

                                                                            the lowest cost per shot performance

Key Features

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Existing Solutions of Plunger Tips

Cast Iron Plunger Tips

Cast Iron Plungers (or Pistons) gives very low life because of its poor thermal conductivity and low hardness. Cast Iron Plungers are inexpensive and therefore preferred by many Die-Casters. However, if you calculate the overall Cost-Economics of an HPDC Machine running with a Cast Iron Plunger, the cost per shot is the highest as compared to other materials, making it the most unviable plunger tip.


Copper Beryllium Solid Plunger Tips


Many Die-Casters use solid Copper Beryllium (CuBe) Plunger tips, which have a simple design like cast iron but are more expensive than Cast Iron. CuBe Plungers Tips give higher life, but have a major disadvantage as CuBe contains beryllium, which is very hazardous to use, handle, or machine. Beryllium is a recognized Carcinogen – Category 1. Many counties have banned or severely restricted use of Copper Beryllium due to the serious health hazard they pose to the users.

Users of CuBe plungers may potentially be violating the latest rules and guidelines issued by OSHA in 2018 and exposing themselves to risks of litigation and claims from affected employees.

Ring Type Plunger Tips

The third type of Plunger Tips, that are available are a combination of the above two variants. Different configurations are available with the plunger body made of steel with CuBe rings assembled over the multi-part steel body and vice versa. The attempt of such designs is to optimize the cost and achieve a long life of plunger. The fundamental drawback of these complex systems is that the heat from the tip is not dissipated effectively to the circulating water, thereby leading to faster wear of rings, requiring a change at frequent intervals. Such changes increase the machine downtime and decrease productivity.

Copper Titanium Plunger Tips eliminates all the drawbacks of existing solutions.

Copper Titanium Plunger Tips are simple body design with high wear resistance and thermal conductivity properties. The heat is uniformly dissipated from the plungers keeping them cool and retaining their wear resistance. These properties result in a longer life of plungers without compromising the safety of the user.


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