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Non-Sparking Hand Tools

Copper Titanium Non-Sparking Hand Tools are 100% Beryllium free, high strength tools certified for use in flammable environments.

Drum Openers.jpg

Non-Sparking Bung and Plug Wrenches

Copper Titanium Non-Sparking Bung and Plug Wrenches are used to open caps and seals of Drum/Barrels containing flammable liquids.

Plunger Tips for High Pressure Die Casting

Copper Titanium Plunger Tips for High Pressure Die Casting Machines give long life which significantly improves productivity and reduces rejections.

Hot Runners for Plastic Injection Molding

Copper Titanium Hot Runners for Plastic Injection Molding regulate the fluidity and inlet temperature of Plastic entering the mold cavity.  

Impact Socket.jpg

Non-Sparking Impact Sockets

Copper Titanium Non-Sparking Impacts Sockets are designed to work with Hydraulic Torque Wrenches to apply heavy torque.


Non-Sparking Digging Hand Tools

Copper Titanium Non-Sparking Digging Hand Tools help carry out work near underground pipelines carrying flammable gases or liquids.  

Core Pins & Chill Vents for Die Casting Molds

Copper Titanium Core Pins, Inserts and Chill Vents for GDC, LPDC and HPDC applications reduces cold shuts and porosity rejections.   

High Velocity Oxy-Fuel Thermal Spray Nozzles

Copper Titanium High Velocity Oxy-Fuel Thermal Spray Barrels gives long life which increases productivity and product quality. 

Cylinder key.jpg

Non-Sparking Gas Cylinder Keys 

Copper Titanium Non-Sparking Gas Cylinder Keys are used to operate valves of cylinder containing flammable gases.

Non-Magnetic Hand Tools

Copper Titanium Non-Magnetic Hand Tools are tested for three Tesla magnetic fields and suitable for use with MRI Machines.

Inserts & Cooling Plates for Plastic Molds

Copper Titanium Inserts and Cooling Plates used in Plastic Molding Dies reduces warpage &  cooling time, and increases productivity. 

Plasma Transferred Arc Welding Nozzles

Copper Titanium Plasma Transferred Arc Welding Nozzles can sustain high temperatures and thereby giving long life and improved productivity.