QTi® Copper Titanium Inserts and Cooling Plates

for Plastic Dies and Moulds

Copper Titanium Inserts and Cooling Plates when used in the plastic molding dies, significantly reduce defects and warpage. QTi® also significantly reduces the hold time thus improving productivity and lower the cost of production per part.

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The Biggest Challenges to Plastic Injection Moulding Industry!


With the advancement in Plastic Moulding Technology and the development of complex geometric shapes required to be manufactured in a variety of plastic resins designed for high-performance parts, mould has become the weakest link in the value chain.

Many designs fail to fully consider all the dynamics of the moulding process because of the lack of insightful data or non-availability of materials that can meet the demands of the process. This results in approximations in tool design and sub-optimal product quality.

Tool steels continue to be the most widely used and accepted materials not only for the larger tool but also for cores, inserts and cavities. While tool steels are useful for their properties and lower cost, there is a tendency among mould designers to ignore other high-performance materials, mainly due to cost optimization. This results in making serious sacrifices to mould life and performance, and also lower quality consistency of the part.

Inserts or cavities made from steel have poor thermal conductivity making them ineffective as they are unable to extract heat quickly from molten plastic, leading to uneven cooling, resulting in porosity and shrinkage defects. Inserts are effective when they can extract and dissipate heat quickly, allowing the process to cool faster and more uniformly across the cross-section.

QTi® Copper Titanium Inserts and Cooling Plates

QTi-Cooling Plates

QTi® Copper Titanium Inserts and Cavities provide the most optimum combination of Thermal Conductivity and Wear Resistance, making it the most preferred material for Plastic Dies and Moulds.

Copper Titanium exhibits and maintains high hardness even at elevated temperatures, which make it suitable to be used for a wide range of plastics resins and complex geometries. Copper Titanium is a 100% Beryllium Free, High Conductivity alloy which can extract heat quickly, allowing the plastic to solidify quickly and reduce warpage and cooling Time.

Improve Productivity with Copper Titanium 

With faster heat extraction and quicker solidification of plastic resin, there is a reduction in (hold time) cycle time, and thus improve productivity.

Comparison-QTi & Steel tool

Why Copper Titanium in Plastic Dies and Moulds

Reduce Rejections

Reduce rejections due to porosity or cold shuts

Improve mould life

Improve Mould Life

Better Dimensional Accuracy.png

Better Dimensional Accuracy​

Surface finish.png

Superior Surface Finish

reduce cycle time.png

Reduce Hold Time and Cycle Time

Environmentally Safe

Environmentally Safe

Key Features


Good Conductivity

Copper Titanium material exhibits good thermal & electrical conductivity, which make it an ideal material for welding & thermal deposition application.


High Hardness

Hardness of Copper Titanium alloy for dies & moulds application ranging from 260 to 320 BHN

beryllium free.png

Beryllium Free

Copper Titanium material is made from high quality Copper & Titanium and is 100% free from Beryllium


Good Strength

Copper Titanium alloy used material have good strength and durability.


Corrosion Resistance

Copper Titanium material offer superior corrosion resistance


Environment Friendly

Copper Titanium being 100% free from Beryllium pose non-such environmental risks.

Comparison of QTi® with other material

Comparison of QTi with other material

We Manufacture and Stock Copper Titanium Sizes & Standard

QTi Rods


Round Bars starting from Diameter 9 mm (3/8") up to 100 mm (4") available.


Square Bars

Standard Square Bars from 10 mm x 10 mm up to 80 mm x 80 mm



Copper Titanium Rods are manufactured in Standard Sizes. Special sizes can be made on request.

Special Sizes can be made on request. 

Save More with Copper Titanium

With our unique technology and manufacturing process, we can make die-parts and inserts in near net shapes and help our customers to significantly in material costs, reduce machining time and lower costs.

All this with no compromise on Quality or Performance.


Try the QTi® Way!

QTi-Near Net Parts
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