QTi® Copper Titanium Non-Sparking Impact Sockets

Copper Titanium Non-Sparking Impact Sockets are made for heavy duty industrial applications to eliminate the risk of sparks in hazardous environments, explosive atmospheres (gases, mists, vapors or dusts) and they can be used with hydraulic torque wrenches.

QTi® Non-Sparking Impact Sockets are available in imperial (0.2 inch to 10 inch) and metric (6 mm to 255 mm) sizes. Impact Sockets are also available in longer and other special sizes and shapes.

We offer the largest range of non-sparking impact sockets by a single manufacturer anywhere in the world.

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Applications of Non-Sparking Impact Sockets


High Pressure Gas & Product Pipelines


Offshore Rigs


Chemical Processing Plants

Pahwa-power plants

Power Plants


Oil & Gas Refineries


Rockets and Missile Assembly

Copper Titanium Impact Socket Range

Copper Titanium Impact Socket Range Table
  • Non-standard sizes can be made available on request.

  • Sockets of 3/8”, 3/4" & 3-1/2” are also manufactured on request.


4 Pt, 6 Pt, 8 Pt and 12 Pt Driven End Sockets are available in combination of various drive ends, giving the user with maximum flexibility to use Copper Titanium Standard and Impacts Sockets for variety of applications.

Impact Socket 4 Point Drive

4-Point Drive

Impact Socket 6-Point Drive

6-Point Drive

Impact Socket 8-Point Drive

8-Point Drive

Impact Socket 12-Point Drive

12-Point Drive

Over 600+ Standard Non-Sparking Impact Sockets 

Over 600+ Sizes of Impact Sockets available in various drives. Special Sockets can be made on request

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