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QTi® Copper Titanium HVOF Barrels

for high-velocity Oxy-Fuel coating spraying

QTi® Copper Titanium Barrels for High-Velocity Oxy-Fuel (HVOF) coating process are high-performance barrels that give much higher life as compared to other forms of pure copper or copper alloys. With Copper Titanium HVOF Barrels the user reduces downtime and increases productivity significantly. This also results in better quality as a lot more coating can be done without having to stop the process to change the worn-out barrel (nozzle)


HVOF Barrels

Conventionally pure copper barrels used in the thermal spray coating process. Copper exhibits high thermal conductivity but is a softer material and has poor mechanical properties. Copper softens moderately elevated temperatures, thereby losing its mechanical properties quickly, leading to premature failure.

To overcome the above drawbacks of Copper, some manufacturers use barrels made of Copper Beryllium. Copper Beryllium lasts longer than pure copper barrels because of its good combination of Thermal and Mechanical properties. However, Copper Beryllium is very unsafe to use as it contains Beryllium. Beryllium is a carcinogenic material and therefore making the coating operation dangerous for human safety. OSHA and other safety authorities worldwide, have banned or severely restricted the use of Copper Beryllium in any form due to the serious risk it poses to human health.  A worn-out barrel cannot be disposed of easily or recycled due to the presence of Beryllium in the alloy. Disposing CuBe alloy material like any other Copper material can seriously jeopardize the environment and expose the user to penalties and legal action under OSHA or other environmental laws.

Copper Titanium HVOF Barrels

Copper Titanium HVOF Barrels

Copper Titanium HVOF Barrels for Thermal Spray Coating Guns are high strength and wear resistance, high-performance barrels. These barrels hold their properties even at elevated temperatures and do not soften like Copper. They also overcome all the disadvantages of Copper Beryllium alloy. QTi® Copper Titanium is 100% Beryllium which makes them completely safe to use and easily dispose at the end of life.

Copper Titanium alloy softening temperature is ~100% higher than that of Copper and ~30% higher as compared to Copper Beryllium. Therefore they not only provide significantly better life up to 4X of Copper, but also higher than CuBe in most cases.

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Essential feature of Barrel for a Good Quality Coating


Uniform Coating

A good coating is always highly dependent on barrel material to maintain thick and uniform coating process.



Conventional Copper Alloys have low wear resistance to sustain the velocity and pressure required to obtain quality coating consistency.


Temperature Control

Adequate temperature control of Nozzle is necessary within and outside the barrel to deliver high spray rates.


End of life disposal

Nozzle must be made from Non-hazardous and Recyclable material, to ensure it is environmentally friendly. QTi® meets these requirements fully.


High Surface Quality


Temperature Performance

Efficient, Combustion and particle heating helps in adequate delivery of the deposition material, in producing high quality coating.

Copper Titanium has the highest annealing /softening among all copper alloys used in any kind of welding application. It can sustain temperature up to 425 °C without losing its mechanical properties.

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