QTi® Copper Titanium Nozzle Tip

for Hot Runner Systems

Copper Titanium Nozzle Tips for Hot Runner Systems provide high wear resistance to abrasive molten plastic polymers coupled with good thermal conductivity which precisely allows controlling molten plastic temperature and fluidity.


Copper Titanium Hot Runner Nozzle Tips

With the advancement in plastic technology, new polymers are synthesized for demanding Industrial and engineering applications. To achieve high quality and desired properties these plastics require an extremely precise processing temperature.

If the temperature of molten plastic entering the mould is at a slightly lower or higher temperature, the produced part may turn out to be defective. If the temperature is lower, the plastic does not flow evenly into the mould or fill all the cavities. A higher temperature polymer flow results in uneven solidification and longer hold-time. Heat transfer in the hot runner nozzle is therefore essential, to precisely maintain the desired temperature.

To keep the plastic at the right temperature, the nozzle is externally heated using heating coils. Only at the very end - at the nozzle tip no further heating aid is used and the heated nozzle itself must transfer the heat to the plastic.

Consequently, the thermal conductivity of the material is crucial.


Why Copper Titanium Hot Runner Nozzle Tip?


Key Features


Good Conductivity

Copper Titanium material exhibits good thermal & electrical conductivity, which make it an ideal material for welding & thermal deposition application.


High Temperature Performance

Copper Titanium has highest annealing /softening among all copper alloy used in welding application. It can sustain temperature up to 425 °C without losing its Mechanical properties.


Corrosion Resistance

Copper Titanium material offer superior corrosion resistance.


High Hardness

Copper Titanium Nozzle Tips have manufactured have a hardness ranging from 260 to 320 BHN


Beryllium Free

Copper Titanium material is made from high-quality Copper & Titanium and is 100% free from Beryllium


Environment Friendly

Copper Titanium is safe and environmental friendly metal.

Comparison of Copper Titanium with other Material

The two materials commonly used to make dies are - Steel Alloys and Copper Beryllium. While steel alloys meet most of the requirements, it has very poor thermal conductivity and therefore presents serious limitations where good thermal conductivity is necessary to produce a good part or optimize productivity. Copper Beryllium has higher thermal conductivity than steel alloys, but is an extremely hazardous alloy, making it unsafe for users and the environment. QTi® is, therefore, an excellent replacement to CuBe and is completely safe. A die made by intelligently using Steel alloys and QTi® can deliver high-quality parts while increasing productivity and lowering costs.

Comparison of QTi with other tool

Other Application of Copper Titanium Alloy for Plastic Moulding Industry

QTi® Copper Titanium Inserts  and Cooling Plates

Copper Titanium is an excellent material for manufacturing Inserts and Cooling Plates for Plastic Molding Dies. It reduces Porosity rejections, warpage and improves productivity.  Find out more about Copper Titanium Inserts.

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