QTi® Copper Titanium Core Pins, Inserts and Chill Vents

Core Pins, Inserts and Chill Vents made from Copper Titanium (QTi®) alloy help Die Casters reduce shrinkage and casting rejections. Copper Titanium has good thermal conductivity and high wear resistance even at elevated temperatures.


Die Casting Industry Challenge – Rejection!

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With the ever-growing demand for aluminum die casting parts and increasing competitiveness in the market, Aluminum Die Casters are constantly looking to optimize and reduce costs of manufacturing to meet customer cost targets and improve profitability.

Rejection rates in the casting industry are high.  It is estimated that most aluminum foundries across the world have rejection rates between 3% to 7% sometimes even more. This is many times more than the 3-digit ppm levels demanded by the customers.

Such high rates of rejections directly affect profitability.  Of the many reasons that can cause casting rejections are poor plunger life and premature failure, insufficient heat extraction from the castings, leading to porosities and other defects.

QTi® Copper Titanium Core Pins and Inserts

Core pins and inserts in dies are subjected to high thermal and mechanical stresses in GDC, LPDC & HPDC Casting process. Core Pins made of steel can withstand the wear but are unable to extract heat quickly due to poor thermal conductivity, which results in uneven shrinkage and porosity in the casting.

Copper Titanium Core Pins and Inserts provide an excellent combination of high thermal conductivity and good wear resistance. QTi Inserts are much harder than other competing copper alloys and exhibit thermal conductivity up to 5 to 10 times greater than steel pins. High hardness of Copper Titanium alloy provides excellent wear resistance. This significantly increases the life of the pin, and dramatically reduces casting rejections.

QTi® alloy provides excellent corrosion resistance and has inherent lubricity and galling resistance. QTi® pins can be coated with a super-hard PVD coating thus increasing their surface wear resistance even more, without any compromise on the thermal conductivity. The coated pins and inserts can be used in very demanding applications and the integrity of the casting can be maintained and rejections reduced.


QTi® Copper Titanium Chill Block and Vents

Copper Titanium Chill Vents are 100% Beryllium free and exhibit excellent thermal conductivity. Chill-Vents are commonly attached to Steel Die Casting molds used in casting aluminum and magnesium. The primary objective of the Chill Vents is to exhaust residual hot air from inside the die cavity to outside during feeding of molten metal into the die.

If the hot air is not exhausted, it will be entrapped in the molten metal leading to gas hole defects. Copper Titanium Chill Vents are designed such that, it allows the exhaust gases to escape and solidify the molten metal before it flashes outside the mold cavity.

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Advantages of using Copper Titanium Core Pins, Chill Blocks and Vents

Improvement of Surface

Improvement of the surface and dimensional quality of the manufactured part


Reduce casting rejections

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Increase the life of the mold components (for instance core pins)


Reduce Cycle Times

Low Maintenance Cost

Lower Maintenance Cost


Reduction of machine downtime

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Copper Titanium Sizes & Standard

QTi-Sqaure bars

QTi Rods

Copper Titanium Rods are available in large number of standard sizes starting from 9mm ( ") to 100 mm (4" ).

Square Bars

Copper Titanium Square bars are manufactured in standard sizes starting from 10 mm x 10 mm up to 80 mm x 80 mm. Special sizes can be made on request. 


Copper Titanium Rods are manufactured in Standard Sizes. Special sizes can be made on request.

Get More with Copper Titanium

While Copper Titanium offers its unique advantages, we go the extra mile to help our customers save that extra.

We have the capability of providing near-net shapes of the dies and molds inserts based on the part geometry, thereby saving up to 60% on material and machining cost.

QTi-Near Net Part.png

Other application of Copper Titanium Alloy in Die Casting Industry

QTi® Copper Titanium Plunger Tips

Copper Titanium Plunger Tips for HPDC Casting are high-performance tips, which give long life and reduces rejections.   Find out more about Copper Titanium Plunger Tips.

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