Copper Titanium Mylars

 For MIG Welding  Fixture

Copper Titanium alloy exhibits exceptional anti-spatter sticking properties ideal for Mylars, Resting Blocks, locating pins, etc for MIG Welding Fixtures

Challenges with welding spatter

Weld spatter is an all-too-common and persistent issue. Weld spatter consists of small balls of molten metal that are created near the welding arc that stick to workpieces and/or tooling (mylars, resting blocks, locating pins, etc.) , injuries to workers, clean-up, porosity, and loss of material. This leads to a loss in productivity, higher maintenance stops, and increase the cost of overall production.

  • Damage of tools surface due to weld spatter

  • A high amount of cleaning is required - Higher Maintenance Cost

  • Lower Productivity - Due to frequent maintenance stops. 

  • Frequent Change of tooling parts and re-calibration

QTi® Copper Titanium Alloy for Anti- Spatter application


Copper Titanium alloy is a patented  “Made in India” Technology that exhibits exceptional mechanical and thermal properties which make them suitable for anti-spatter applications in MIG Welding Fixtures. It reduces downtime, increases productivity & equipment efficiency. There is no need for any external chemical coating & anti-spatter spray which makes it ideal for use in High volume production lines. 

  • Higher Weld spatter resistance corresponds to fewer maintenance stops during production

  • High thermal conductivity - Cools the weld spatter almost immediately thereby reduce sticking

  • High hardness – leads to high wear & tear resistance – Better Life

  • No coating is required

  • Get fully finished parts as per drawings – faster supplies.

  • Buy directly from the manufacturer.

  • Beryllium Free Alloy – No Health or Environmental damage.

Video - Anti Spatter properties of Copper Titanium Alloy


Advantages of Copper Titanium Mylars


High Hardness

Copper Titanium alloy exhibits high wear resistance due to its high hardness, this extends the life of the mylars and reduce maintenance costs.

Anti- Spatter Spray

No Need of Spray

No need for anti-spatter spray, reduce 100% cleaning activities by using Copper Titanium Mylar's


Higher Productivity

By using copper titanium Mylar's, increased productivity and save high-amount of cost


Beryllium Free

Copper Titanium material is made from high-quality Copper & Titanium and is 100% free from Beryllium


4 Wheeler Frame.jpg

4 Wheeler


2 Wheeler




Earth Moving Equipments

Get fully finished

mylars, resting block, locating pins as per your drawing.

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