Copper Titanium 

Non-Sparking Hand Tools for
Chemical and Pharmaceutical Plants

Non-Sparking Hand Tools mandatory for use with flammable Chemical

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QTi® Copper Titanium Non-Sparking Hand Tools are made from an innovative copper alloy. Non-sparking hand tools are mandatory to be used where there is a risk of fire occurring due to spark in an environment where hazardous, flammable or combustible vapors, liquids, dust or residues are present.

QTi® Copper Titanium Non-Sparking Non-Magnetic Hand Tools

Non-Sparking Hand tools are mandatory to be used while working in areas with solids, liquids, and gases classified under flammable and explosive materials. Conventional Steel Tools can generate a spark and cause an explosion and fire. Non-Sparking Hand Tools also sometimes referred to as anti-Spark, Safety Tools or Sparkless Tools must be used for Safety.

QTi® Copper Titanium Safety Video


Check for Hazard Communication Label

OSHA in its recent guidelines have made it mandatory to mention the use of Non-Sparking Hand Tools on the label of Barrels containing flammable liquids. ​

Solution  for Chemical & Pharmaceutical Industry

Copper Titanium Bung Wrenches and Drum Openers are high quality, high strength tools made from Copper Titanium alloy. They are used for open and close Caps and Seals of Drums/Barrels containing flammable liquids.

Copper Titanium Bung Wrench

Copper Titanium Non-sparking multipurpose, drum bung wrench, not only is used to open and close drum bungs or plugs, but can also be used as a ring wrench and a faucet wrench. It is ideal for heavy duty jobs.

BW - 9004  : Copper Titanium Bung Wrench

BW - 3004 : Drum Opener - S type

Copper Titanium Drum Opener

Drum Opener is used to Open/Close plugs on metal barrel (drums) of 210 Liters/55 Gallons. This tool has several faces and is designed for use on plugs of size 2 inches (50 mm) and ¾ inches (19 mm) plugs – all with the same tool. There is no need to have different tools for different plug sizes. These tools are ergonomically designed for continuous and safe operation.

BW - 2004  Drum Opener with handle

Copper Titanium Drum Cutter

Copper Titanium Non- Sparking Drum Cutters is used to cut the 205 liter/55 gallons drum containing flammable liquids.

Non-sparking drum cutter often called as drum deheader which is suitable for cutting drumheads of industrial steel drums of flammable material inside. The complete tool is made of a copper titanium alloy which doesn’t create a spark upon impact and offers high strength and durability.

Copper Titanium Carbide Drum Opener

Copper Titanium Drum Cutter, commonly known as the Carbide Drum Opener is used to cut-open plastic seals and tags of barrels containing flammable chemicals.

BW -4004  : Copper Titanium Carbide Drum Opener

Ready to Use QTi Non-Sparking Standard Hand Tool Kits

With our years of experience working with Chemical and Pharmaceutical users of Non-Sparking Hand Tools, we have created Three special types of Tool Kits with tools most used by Chemical and Pharmaceutical companies.


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