Why Copper Beryllium Is Hazardous ?

Beryllium causes a disease known as Chronic Beryllium Disease (CBD), which primarily affects the lungs and skin and can be fatal in several cases. There are over 2,500 cases of beryllium exposure reported in US. OSHA has regulated exposure to 0.2 ug/m3.


OSHA Guideline: For Hazardous Beryllium Material

Chronic beryllium disease (CBD) primarily affects the lungs. CBD may occur among people who are exposed to the dust or fumes from beryllium metal, metal oxides, alloys, ceramics or salts. CBD usually has a very slow onset, and even very small amounts of exposure to beryllium can cause the disease in some people. Some latest research suggests that skin can be a route of exposure and sensitization in chronic beryllium disease.

Permissible Exposure Limit (PEL)


OSHA estimates that the rule could prevent almost 100 deaths 50 serious illnesses each year

To date, the department has paid more than 500 million in compensation to nearly 2500 former or current workers who developed chronic beryllium disease after being exposed to beryllium

Risks associated with using CuBe Material

  • Skin disease

       A skin disease, which is characterized by poor wound healing and a rash or wart like bumps, can occur as a result of the         skin being exposed to beryllium dust.

  • Hazards of Corroded Copper Beryllium Items

       Tools being used in corrosive environment, will tend to corrode.

       Corroded Copper Beryllium could be as much as 135 times more toxic and harmful than Non Corroded Copper Beryllium.




QTi® Copper Titanium Alloy

Copper Titanium is a high-tech innovative technology developed by India.


Copper Titanium alloy is manufactured from high purity Copper and Titanium raw materials. It undergoes complex cycles of alloy manufacturing, heat treatments and mechanical processing to achieve its desired properties. 

Copper Titanium alloy was developed to replaced hazardous Copper Beryllium alloys. 

Copper Titanium alloy is ideal where you need a combination of strength coupled with good thermal or electrical conductivity. Copper Titanium alloys also exhibit excellent wear and corrosion resistance.

QTI ® LOGO.png

Key Features

beryllium-free logo


Copper Titanium tools are made from high-quality Copper & Titanium and is 100% free from Beryllium.


Good Conductivity

Copper Titanium material exhibits good thermal & electrical conductivity, which make it an ideal material for welding & thermal deposition application.

Non-Sparking logo


Copper Titanium material are tested and certified for Non-Sparking Characteristics as per IS:4595-1969 Standards.


Corrosion Resistance

Copper Titanium material offer superior corrosion resistance

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Copper Titanium tools are completely non-magnetic. It is required when working in environments with magnets, electrical components, high energy applications.

environmentally-friendly logo

Environmentally Friendly

Beryllium is one of the most dangerous and toxic metal being disposed in the environment Copper Titanium being 100% free from Beryllium pose non-such environmental risks.

Application of Copper Titanium Alloy


Non-Sparking Hand Tools

Copper Titanium Non-Sparking Hand Tools are 100% Beryllium free, high strength tools certified for use in flammable environments.


Core Pins & Chill Vents for Die Casting Molds

Copper Titanium Core Pins, Inserts and Chill Vents for GDC, LPDC and HPDC applications reduces cold shuts and porosity rejections.   


High Velocity Oxy-Fuel Thermal Spray Nozzles

Copper Titanium High Velocity Oxy-Fuel Thermal Spray Barrels gives long life which increases productivity and product quality. 


Non-Magnetic Hand Tools

Copper Titanium Non-Magnetic Hand Tools are tested for three Tesla magnetic fields and suitable for use with MRI Machines.


Inserts & Cooling Plates for Plastic Molds

Copper Titanium Inserts and Cooling Plates used in Plastic Molding Dies reduces warpage &  cooling time, and increases productivity. 


Plunger Tips for HPDC

Copper Titanium Plunger Tips for High Pressure Die Casting Machines give long life which significantly improves productivity and reduces rejections.


Hot Runners for Plastic Injection Molding

Copper Titanium Hot Runners for Plastic Injection Molding regulate the fluidity and inlet temperature of Plastic entering the mold cavity.