MIG Welding Contact Tips

MIG Welding Contact Tips


Softer/Lower strength copper alloys contact tips tend to wear out quickly leading to downtime and reduced productivity. Worn tips are typically become oval and can cause an erratic arc from the random electrical connection and physical movement of the wire inside the worn tip.
Contact tips precisely made from a wear-resistant copper alloy can give superior welding performance. Copper Beryllium tips have high wear resistance but are expensive to use.

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QTi Alloys for MIG Contact Tips provide superior performance and wear resistance as compared to CuCr/CuCrZr alloys. QTi Alloys have a higher annealing temperature therefore delivering longer life of tips without deformation.
MIG Contact Tips of QTi Alloys are available in different sizes at a very competitive price making it a preferred contact tips for MIG Welding.