Special Applications

Special Applications

PMT_HB_Special Applications

Copper Beryllium is used in a variety of applications as they provide a combination of good strength and conductivity. However, Beryllium being a strategic material and available in few countries, the cost of Copper Beryllium has significantly gone up over the years. Furthermore Beryllium and its alloys have significant hazards to health. With QTi alloys all the potential application of CuBe can be replaced with QTi alloys with certain trials and application specific requirement.

Pahwa MetalTech offer the below range of Copper Titanium (QTI) alloys with different grades as the application might demand.

Tensile Strength Yield Strength, MPa % Elongation % I.A.C.S Hardness (Hv)
QTi 110 510-530 340-360 22% 26% 200
QTi 120 670-680 450-470 20% 18% 270
QTi 140 880-900 690-710 18% 11% 330
QTi 145 1250-1300 1100-1150 4% 22% 400
QTi 150 940-920 780-800 5% 11% 360

Potential Applications

Pahwa Metal is committed to develop the below application with QTi alloys for its customers and provide complete support to make products economical and free from hazards of beryllium.