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QTi Alloys are a family of Copper Titanium alloys developed for the range of products and applications.

In the Oil & Gas, Defence, Electrical, Automotive and Telecom Industry.

Copper Titanium alloys have significant advantages.

  • Demonstrate Mechanical, Electrical and Thermal properties similar or better than Copper Beryllium.
  • Completely Beryllium free.
  • More economical than Copper Beryllium.
  • Potential to replace other expensive copper alloys.
  • Non magnetic
  • Anti-Corrosive

Products and Applications

Non-Sparking Hand Tools


QTi Pro and Eco range of Non-Sparking hand tools provide extended performance and durability. These Copper Titanium tools are Beryllium free, strong, non-magnetic and corrosion resistant.

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Resistance Welding Products


QTi alloys offer advantages for resistance welding application where it provides relatively good electrical conductivity and high strength and affordable costs.In applications of High current or weld force.

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MIG Welding Contact Tips


QTi Alloys for MIG Contact Tips provide superior performance and wear resistance as compared to CuCr/CuCrZr alloys. QTi Alloys have a higher annealing temperature therefore delivering longer life of tips.

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Electrical Contacts


The contact parts are important components in switching devices. They have to maintain their function from the new assembled state until the end of the functional life of the devices.

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Plunger Tips

03-PMT_Pro Thmb Plunger Tips

QTi Alloy Plungers exhibit high wear resistance and good thermal conductivity, ideal for quick cycles.These plunges deliver more shorts per plunger change thereby significantly adding to productivity.

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Dies and Moulds

04-PMT_Pro Thmb Dies & Molds

QTi Alloys for Dies an Moulds transfer heat more effectively leading to defect free components in plastic injection moulding and metal die casting dies. They have high wear resistance and can be used for complex parts.

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Valve Seats

05-PMT_Pro Thmb PMT_HB_Valve Seats

QTi Alloys Valve Seats offer significant strength and delivers performance at elevated temperatures. These Copper Titanium Valve seats are used in High power engines of racing cars and bikes.

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Special Applications

06-PMT_Pro Thmb PMT_HB_Special Applications

QTi alloys are a perfect substitute to Copper Beryllium alloys and can be used for various application in Oil & Gas, Automotive, Defence, Electrical and Telecom.They are available in different sizes and forms.

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